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Entertaining, outgoing and charismatic: what more could an active, fun-loving family want in a dog? Happy-go-lucky Miguel is always ready with a wagging tail and floppy-eared grin to brighten up your day! Rescued after being stabbed by a drunkard in a nearby township, Miguel has let bygones be bygones and the ordeal hasn’t hindered his courageous, jovial outlook on life. He’s loaded with character and personality and his favourite game is running after toys and balls – and boy is he happy to spend hours playing fetch! He also relishes trying to be a lapdog, soaking up all the love and attention and he adores going for car rides. He’s happily lived with a canine companion, but can be selective about his doggy buddies. While Miguel can be zestfully enthusiastic and at times a little headstrong, he’s full of fun and joy and would be a delightful pet and loyal addition to a dog-savvy family. Miguel is ready to win your heart and snuggle up on that empty spot on your couch – could you be the one he’s longing to meet?