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Meet Merlin! This gorgeous, goofy boy has a big, tough exterior, but give him just a moment of your time and you’ll see what a big softie he is – his stubby, little tail can’t wag fast enough when you give him back scratches and tummy tickles. Merlin was uplifted from a life of neglect in an appalling condition – he was tied up by a thick chain, was severely emaciated and had a bad skin infection. Merlin has let bygones be bygones and with his new shiny coat is now ready for his second chance at a happy life! He is a laid back chap with a heart of gold and will do anything for a treat! He loves the simple things in life and enjoys the company of other canines who don’t take things too seriously – life is too short for that! If you love gentle giants, come and let Merlin melt your heart!