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If you’re looking to make a difference, how about adopting or spreading the word about an FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) positive cat? In fact, how about one of our favourite cats ever, Leroy? Leroy is a super-friendly kitty who’s never met a human he didn’t like. This six year old boy loves to cuddle and, with his bumbling enthusiasm and clown-like personality, he enjoys a little playtime too! In fact, there’s really nothing not to like about Leroy; he’s essentially the perfect cat. And yet, Leroy is still waiting for his forever home! You see, this extra special guy was rescued as a stray in August 2012—and he came to us infected with FIV. FIV positive cats make the perfect indoor kitties and apartment pets: being kept safely indoors will prevent them from picking up other feline illness and disease.  It would be preferable if Leroy could find a person who currently doesn’t have cats or has other FIV-positive kitties. That adopter will be one of the luckiest pet parents in the world—we promise! Plus, if you’d like to take Leroy home with a friend, we’ve got a special garden of FIV-positive cats at our Cattery at Wenga Farm.