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One of the best things about Lemon is her smile and she is always excited to meet new folks, greeting you with a happy wiggle! Her favourite pastimes are playing fetch, leisurely laying curled up in the sun, going for gentle meanders and resting her head in your lap, soaking up all the affection! She’s convinced that’s cats are trying to take over the world, so best she finds a feline-free family to love. Rescued after being found abandoned with her young pups, sweet Lemon has bid arrivederci to all her little ones when they left the nest to join their new forever families, and now it’s time this single mum lived the high life! She’s bubbly, keen and alert, and is ready to start a new chapter with you! Be warned: she’s a great kisser and is inclined to snore when she snoozes… She’ll steal your heart, and fetch that treat!