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“What big ears you have! All the better to hear you with! Kongo was knocked over by a car and left for dead on the side of a road in a nearby low-income community. Luckily for Kongo, he didn’t suffer any broken bones, but had serious degloving injuries to both his front legs. After surgery, veterinary care, TLC and lots of bandage changes, Kongo soon bounced back and is patiently waiting to start a new chapter with you. He’s a bit of a wallflower and is wary of strangers, but his I-need-nobody-for-nothing, bad boy facade quickly melts as he gets to know you and he’ll soon be snuggled up in your lap, lavishing all the attention! Ever on the lookout for fun and amusement, Kongo adores going for walks, playing with toys and loves a game of “Tag, you’re it!” with canine friends. He gets along well with other dogs and relies on them for confidence, so he’s looking for a home with a doggy friend or two who can show him the ropes. Kongo longs for a home where he can relax, play with friends and just enjoy life. Could you teach this handsome hunk what second chances are all about?