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Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Kenny aims to please and impress! He’s a charismatic cuddle champion who’s always happy to make new friends and greets people with a huge smile and an outstretched paw, ready for a friendly shake. Most of the time he’s bouncing around, wagging his tail and giving kisses. And he’ll lean in for hugs, too – he just loves affection! Kenny’s a goofy jokester with a charming zest for life and penchant for showing off, but he sadly has a bad case of hip dysplasia. He’s managing very well with the right diet and supplements, and he never lets his condition hamper his joie de vivre and sunny disposition – he’s one bouncy boy who loves going for walks and being the center of attention! Kenny would love for you to be his favourite person – could you teach this smart boy what second chances are all about?