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A spunky, active guy with an adorable, quirky face and big ears, Kayn is all smiles and wags! He spends most of his time bouncing around, wagging his tail, playing with his toys and splashing in his paddle pool – he brims mischievous charm, has a sunny disposition and has an infectious joyfulness. He’s the life of the party and loves to hang out in the great outdoors; he’s a real socialite at the dog park and makes friends with everyone. He was adopted as a puppy, but sadly returned when his previous family realized that they did not have enough time for him. Poor Kayn! He sorely misses the comforts of a home and needs a family who knows how to have fun, but can continue helping him put his best paw forward. Kayn loves going for car rides and he would love even more to ride home with you. Life’s one big adventure for this eternal pup – ready to join in on the fun? Then come meet Kayn!