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Everyone knows that dynamite comes in small packages and Jude is no exception! This spunky boy is the life and soul of the party and he just loves being the centre of attention. What this pint-sized fellow lacks in size, he sure makes up for in personality! Rescued as an abandoned, terrified stray, Jude was a bit of a rough riding loner who always had his own back when he first arrived at TEARS Animal Rescue. He expected the worst from people but, with a bit of time, love and TLC, this tough kid soon flourished into a lovable, comical clown who now adores the companionship of people. He is learning the true joys of being a lapdog; although don’t let him hear you say that – this little gangster needs to maintain his street cred after all! It’s now time for Jude to find his own special family and enjoy the finer things in life. If you’ve got room in your heart and home for a small dog with a BIG heart, then look no further – your new best friend is waiting!