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Joshua’s motto is to live like someone left the gate open! Inside his big, tough exterior is a sweet and funny guy – most of the time he’s bouncing around, wagging his tail and giving kisses. And he’ll lean in for hugs, too; he just loves affection! He’s enthusiastic and full of the joys of spring, and he just needs someone to share it all with. Once he’s been properly introduced to them, Joshua loves to play with his doggy friends and he thinks chase is the best game on earth. He’d be an ideal partner in adventure and is ready for a home where he can play with toys, romp with friends and enjoy life! Chasing cats is a guilty pleasure, so he’d need a home without felines and a family who knows how to have fun, but can also continue helping him put his best paw forward. If you’re looking for an active, bubbly dog, you just have to meet Joshua!