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If you’re looking for an active and affectionate canine companion who will adore you, look no further than Ivana! Cuddles, tummy tickles and canine kisses are high on her priority list and she’s ever keen to make you smile. She’s sociable and makes a beeline for her canine-friends, tail wagging all the way, although she likes to be in charge of her four-legged, furry stooges and for them to know she’s the queen bee. A delightful blend of devoted soul mate and keen student with a splash of independent flare, Ivana is a fun-loving, athletic and responsive girl. The streets are no place for a dog – especially a snuggly, loving dog like Ivana. She was having a hard time as a stray in Ocean View township and luckily ended up at TEARS Animal Rescue. Ivana is a happy and loving girl, who’ll melt right in your arms. Could you be the one this brown-eyed girl has been waiting to meet?