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If you’ve got a soft spot for gentle giants, you just have to meet Hayden! Inside his big, tough exterior is a sweet, lovable and funny guy. This handsome hunk’s days looked numbered when he was surrendered to TEARS Animal Rescue by his previous owner. He was critically ill and our vet didn’t know if he was going to make it or not. After an exploratory laparotomy, the cause of Hayden’s angst was discovered – an avocado pit was lodged in his intestine and causing a lot of trouble… Thankfully, the operation proved successful, and Hayden now enthusiastically greets each day with a hop, skip and a jump! He’s a real foodie (always keen for meal-time) and loves the simple things in life: a game of rough-and-tumble, going for walks and snoozing in the sun. Do you have an empty spot on you couch waiting to be filled? Hayden is more than eager to apply for the position!