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Could you be the one Fraser’s waiting to meet? This handsome hunk is ready to take on the world – he’s out canine version of Channing Tatum and has all the svelte moves and good looks to charm is way through life. He’s an active and energetic pooch with a zest for life, but he never forgets to stop and smell the roses along his path. Fraser doesn’t just wag his tail when he is happy to see you – his whole body wags! His history is a bit of a mystery… all we know is that he wandered up to a mans house one day, and since the man couldn’t keep him, he came to TEARS Animal Rescue. Fraser would really enjoy a home where he can be the centre of attention and where his people are around most of the time. He just loves being in on all the action and wouldn’t want to miss a moment with you. Could you teach this gorgeous boy what second chances are about?