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Enzo is always ready with a wagging tail and floppy-eared smile to brighten your day! He has an adorable face, very expressive ears and is a bit of a goofball. For Enzo, life is one big adventure and, while he can be a bit of a handful, he’s full of fun and joy and he can’t wait to share it with someone special! He spends most of his time bouncing around, wagging his tail and giving kisses; he just loves affection and is learning to control all that enthusiasm! He adores  hanging out in the great outdoors and is a real socialite at the dog park – he makes friends with everyone! Enzo is looking for a home with someone who knows how to have fun but can also continue helping him put his best paw forward. He’s our canine-version of Matt Damon and loves all that life has to offer: long walks, dog toys, chews, human love and canine friends – life’s just one big party! Ready to join in on the fun? Then come and meet Enzo!