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Bright eyed and bushy tailed, this gorgeous Bat-Eared Jackbull Terrier is ready to join you on life’s adventures! A jovial and attentive boy, Elijah is loaded with character and personality. He’s a bubbly, sweet-natured and comical clown, who’s always excited to make new friends, greeting you with a happy wiggle! A little guy with an adorable, quirky look and big ears, Elijah enjoys cuddling and scratches and gives little kisses in return. His favourite party trick is romping about in circles at top speed and then diving into your lap for love, cuddles and a tummy tickle! This snuggly sweetheart is ready to audition for the part of your best buddy and would like nothing more than a special human to call his own. Could you teach this smart boy what second chances are all about?