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Meet Edna! This sweet, older lady is supposed to be entering her twilight years, but it doesn’t appear that she received the memo! Full of character, love and plenty of zest for life, this gorgeous girl wasn’t always in such great shape. Uplifted from a life of neglect, Edna was infested with ticks and fleas and was suffering from severe anaemia and needed a blood transfusion to save her life. But just look at her now! The sparkle is back in her eyes and she is back to her fun-loving, sassy best. Edna is a delightful old gal who will fit into any family – low maintenance, loving and great with canines and humans alike. She loves going to the beach and feeling the sand between her paws, is great in the car and will do anything for a tasty treat. Can you show this stunning girl what second chances are all about and give her the retirement she so deserves? She is waiting patiently to meet you!