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Can you promise Dax forever? He’s an older guy who is making up for lost time. This is one fellow who will do anything for a back scratch and belly rub! He likes his daily strolls, but other than that he’s a couch potato. Dax has many loves in his life: he loves snuggling up in front of the fireplace to watch a good movie, sunning in the grass, hogging the bed, going on car rides and hanging out with his people. Chasing cats is a guilty pleasure, so Dax would need a home without felines. He gets on really well with other dogs and children, is housetrained and longs to be part of a loving family. But be warned: he’s a great cuddler and is inclined to snore when he snoozes… If you’ve got a soft spot for gentle giants, please consider letting Dax melt your heart.