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Dawson has the most soulful, sensitive eyes. He’s a super sweet older guy who hasn’t had the greatest luck in life – rescued from a life of neglect in Vrygrond Township, Dawson has flourished from a disheveled mutt to a debonair dude! Full of love and appreciation, he loves going for car rides, meanders in the park and he’ll do anything for a treat. Dawson is supposed to be entering his doggie golden years, but it doesn’t appear that anybody sent him the memo… He’s healthy and fit, and has a fair amount of energy for a dog his age – he just loves a game of fetch and romping about with canine friends at the beach. Dawson dreams of movie nights in front of the fire, a cosy bed for afternoon siestas and belly rubs from a person of his own and he’s all too deserving to live the life of luxury. Could your home be the last stop on Dawson’s journey?