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Corey can be a little apprehensive of new people at first, but once he warms up, he’s all about the love and will show you his silly, goofy side. Cuddles, tummy tickles and yummy treats are high on his priority list, but Corey’s ultimate is being brushed! Adopted as a young pup, Corey was sadly returned when his previous family no longer wanted him. He gets along well with other dogs and relies on them for confidence, so he’s looking for a home with a doggy friend or two who can show him the ropes. He loves trips to the seaside to frolic in the surf and to romp around with his canine and two-legged friends. Corey is looking for a kind and understanding family who will reassure him that no one will break his heart again. He can’t wait to be a loyal companion and devoted best friend, and promises to give a lifetime’s worth of snuggles and love in return. Can you promise him forever?