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Could you be the one to put the sparkle back in Coco’s eyes? She is an affectionate and eager girl who hasn’t had the best luck in life. Adopted in 2012, Coco has sadly found herself back at TEARS Animal Rescue as her previous family could no longer keep her. She’s supposed to be entering her doggie golden years, but it doesn’t appear that anybody sent her the memo; she is healthy and fit and has a zest for life and a fair amount of energy for a dog her age. Coco would really enjoy a home where she can be the centre of attention and where her people are around most of the time. She just adores being in on all the action and wouldn’t want to miss a moment with you! Once she’s been properly introduced to them, Coco can happily live with canine companions. She loves to lounge in the sun and to snuggle up on the couch to watch a good movie (rom-coms are her favourite!). Coco would love to audition for the part of your best buddy. Could your home be the last stop on Coco’s journey?