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Cheston is patiently waiting to audition for the part of your best buddy and he’s sure to wiggle, wag and leap straight into your heart! Before he was rescued, life wasn’t all smiles and wags as it is now. Cheston was uplifted from a life of neglect in Ocean View Township – he was infested with ticks and had ehrlichia (a life-threatening tick-borne infection). Luckily we managed to pull him through the ordeal – he’s one charming, lovable and debonair dude with the most soulful, sensitive eyes! He’s a social butterfly at the dog park, endearing himself to all he meets and gets along well with others dogs. If you’re looking for a fun-loving, easy-going and affectionate canine companion who will adore you, look no further than Cheston! He’s ready to win his way into your heart with a big smile and a heart of gold.