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If you’re looking for a protective, athletic dog, you just have to meet Boston! He’s a handsome guy with an adorable, quirky look, pinto coat and big ears. Found as a lost soul wandering the streets of Ocean View, Boston hitched a ride to TEARS Animal Rescue. Despite all efforts to find his family, he was never claimed. As he wasn’t used to love and kindness, it takes him a little while to get comfortable around new people – but once you’re in the Boston fan club, this boy will love you for life and he will show his silly, goofy side. He could either be totally attentive or daydreaming – who can tell by those ears? Once he’s been properly introduced to them, he loves to play with his doggy friends and he thinks chase is the best game on earth. Boston can’t wait to be a loyal companion to a person of his own. Could you teach this smart boy what second chances are all about?