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Beautiful Blossom is a very special girl indeed! She was uplifted in the most heart-wrenching state – she had a severe case of mange, was infested with fleas and covered in bleeding sores and scabs. Her spirit was just as damaged;  unresponsive and depressed, poor Blossom seemed like she had given up on life, her dull eyes stared at the wall and she flinched whenever she was touched. We named her Blossom in the hope she’d flourish and bloom and, with the right combination of veterinary care, good nutrition, love and TLC, this little love bug has truly blossomed! While she is still on the road to recovery, Blossom has a newfound joie de vivre and is such a bouncy, loving and happy soul. Her tail can’t wag fast enough when she sees people she knows and she is quite the kisser, lavishing them on anyone given half the chance! She loves other dogs so would love a doggy friend to hang out with and snuggle up to at night. With her new leash on life, this stunning girl (both inside and out) just wants to share it with someone special! She’d be a loving and loyal companion and bring so much joy to someone’s life – and all she asks in return is a full belly, a warm, comfy bed and a plentiful supply of cuddles and kisses. What are you waiting for? Come and give this sweet girl her happily ever after!