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Vivacious, affectionate and full of fun, Basil brims chutzpah and is bound to put a smile on your dial! He may be middle-aged, but there is no midlife crisis in sight for this debonair dude – he always looks on the bright side of life and finds pleasure in the simple things: a tasty meal, an amble to the park and back, a touch of sunbathing and curling up on the couch at the end of the day with his humans. Despite his less than athletic physique, Basil is a resourceful guy and a bit of a busybody; he thinks it’s his job to go and find out all the village gossip, so he’ll need a reasonably secure home to live in. He gets on well with other dogs and would be more than happy to share a family with a furry friend or two. If you’re looking for a bit of a couch potato, but a dog that has plenty of spunk, then look no further – Basil is your guy! He came to TEARS Animal Rescue as a stray and would love to leave as your best buddy!