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What big ears you have! All the better to hear you with! Smart, energetic and bubbly, life is one big adventure for Astrid and she can’t wait to share it with someone special. She likes to be in on all the action and has an athletic, outgoing and independent personality wrapped in regal finesse. Astrid has many loves in her life: she loves splashing in her kiddie pool, sunning on the grass, hogging the bed, going for car rides and hanging out with her peeps. Whether out on a walk or fetching tennis balls, this vivacious little character is sure to steal your heart and brighten your day. She gets on well with other dogs, but is convinced that cats are trying to take over the world… So best she finds a feline-free family to love. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, this keen and alert girl is ready to start a new chapter with you! Ready to rock ‘n roll with Astrid?