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Is anybody else hypnotized by those incredible eyes? Archer is our Brad Pitt of the canine world; with his golden fur, piercing blue eyes and athletic physique, it’s impossible not to notice him! However, this dashing debonair dude isn’t all about good looks – he’s so much more than just a pretty face. Intelligent, loyal and independent, Archer will make the most devoted companion and partner in crime in all of life’s adventures: road trips, hiking, hanging at the beach or chilling on the couch watching a movie – he’s game for it all. Archer is great with other playful, easy-going canine friends who don’t take life too seriously as his enthusiastic tendencies can sometimes land him in hot water. And as far as Archer is concerned cats aren’t to be trusted, so it’s best he finds a feline-free family to love. This handsome boy would love nothing more than to be adopted by a dog-savvy family who can continue to help him put his best paw forward and show him the good life – will you be the one who’ll treat him like the star he is?