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A little gal with an adorable, quirky look and big ears, Anastasia makes friends quickly! She’s a bubbly, effervescent and sweet-natured charmer, who’s always excited to make new friends, greeting you with a happy wiggle. She was rescued when found scavenging on a dumpsite in Vrygrond township in a pitiful state: mangy, underweight and feeling really sorry for herself, with infected, raw skin and only a few tufts of fur running along her back. With the right combination of TLC and veterinary care, her anxious expression soon changed when she realised she was in a much kinder place. Anastasia soon flourished and is now as bright as a button! She gets on well with other dogs and children she can play with. Can you be the one to complete Anastasia’s rags to riches fairytale story? She’s sure to wiggle, wag and leap straight into your heart!