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Expresso comes to TEARS!

Look who's joining us at TEARS Sleepathon Spring 2016! We can't wait to welcome the stars of Expresso (SABC3). Even our CATS are all atwitter! To find out more about the Spring Sleepathon, click here.  ...

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Stories from TEARS Sleepathon

The TEARS Sleepathon Autumn 2016 event was held on the nights of 1 and 2 April. Nothing could have prepared staff and participants for the life-changing experience it turned out to be. Here are the images and stories of two very special nights when more than 150...

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Sleepathon THANK YOU!

  COMING SOON! We'll be posting the best of your pics in our Sleepathon gallery as well as comments and stories from the phenomenal TEARS Sleepathon Autumn 2016 event.

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