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Winter’s the worst time to be a rescue dog or cat in a shelter kennel;

here’s why:

  • Outdoor kennels – it’s so difficult to stay warm; the cold air finds its way in everywhere
  • Bad weather – means fewer volunteers and less cuddle time, shorter walks and fewer outings
  • Long, cold nights – 12 hours spent alone in the dark is miserable and scary

The reality is that our shelter never has enough blankets and towels in the winter months as we battle the wet and cold weather to get blankets washed and dried to give as much warmth and comfort to the animals in our care during these miserable months. Our puppies and clinic patients also need additional blankets and towels in the cold winter months.

We’re enlisting your help to bring comfort and warmth to the dogs and cats who will wait to be adopted during the long winter months. We’re aiming, with your help, to collect 150 blankets, towels and beds each week during Phase 1 of Operation Warm a Winter Heart – to 5 June.

There are 2 quick and easy ways you can help.



(aiming to bring in 150 winter warmers each week)

  • 55%

It’s up to you. What you do in the next minute or two has the power to warm the heart of a shelter dog and cat this winter.

Thank you for being part of Operation Warm a Winter Heart – bringing comfort to our dogs and cats this winter; one blanket at a time.