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Learner Community Service


As an organisation we understand and appreciate the need for, and value of, humane education and would very much like to continue to offer our shelter for learner community service. In order to do this in a way that complies with our health and safety regulations, while also allowing learners to have a fulfilling community service experience, we have instituted the following changes, effective 1 November 2015:

Demographics of learners accepted for community service:

  1. Only children who are 13 years or older are able to do community service at TEARS.
  2. Only youths 18 or older will be allowed to walk dogs. This is because our dogs are walked off our property so walkers need to be mature enough to cope with stray dogs and heavy motorized and foot traffic that must be negotiated when walking TEARS’ dogs.
  3. Children between 13 and 18 years will be involved in the following tasks which may change from time-to-time: washing dishes, hanging out and folding blankets, gardening, creative/educational projects, helping at TEARS’ Cattery.

Accepting learners for community service, including interviewing staff:

  1. Learners in our local communities of South Peninsula (False Bay) will be accepted first for community service.
  2. Early bookers will have a better chance of being accommodated.
  3. Learners will not be able to request an immediate ‘walk-in’ interview with staff. If leaners would like to do a staff interview, they must book a month in advance and adhere to our learner community service dates and times.

Frequency of learner community service:

  1. The learner community service programme will run only in school holidays effective 1 November 2015 (this equates to approximately 14 weeks in a calendar year): January, April, June, July, October and December.
  2. Learner community service will take place twice a week on non-walking days: Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  3. A maximum 10 learners can be accommodated per day at kennels and a maximum 5 leaners at TEARS’ Cattery. This equates to about 420 learners that can be accommodated for community service at TEARS per annum.


  1. Learners must book community service at least a month before commencing.
  2. Once the two sessions of 10 learners (kennels) and two sessions of 5 learners (cattery) per school holiday week have been filled and our school community service programme is fully booked, this will be communicated on TEARS’ website.


  1. Learners must arrive with their stamped letter from their school stipulating the leaner’s community service requirements. In addition, the leaner must complete and sign (or if under 18 years their guardian must sign): an Indemnity Form and Volunteer Code of Conduct.
  2. Learners must complete an orientation before going about their assigned tasks.

Learner community service:

  1. A school community service itinerary will be followed during community service. This will channel learner groups to various activities and supervise them during their hours of service to create minimal disruption to our staff and stress to our dogs and cats. Activities will include a creative activity to make the experience as informative and enjoyable for learners as possible.
  2. Leaners will leave with a fun guide of how they can continue to help TEARS through fun projects and activities.

If you would like to book a place on our learner community service programme, please call us on 021 785 4482 or email