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You raised more than a quarter of a million rand in the TEARS Sleepathon 2017 Team Challenge! What your hard work translates into, is dogs and cats rescued from the pain of abuse, given life-saving medical care; many of them experiencing full bellies and clean water for the first time in their lives, freedom from beatings and abuse, and a chance to experience that life-changing moment when human eyes connect with theirs and they get to go home for the first time to the lives they were always meant to live.

These are miracles that are, and will continue to be, because of what you accomplished not only with your fundraising efforts, but by helping us to bust the myth that shelter dogs and cats are broken, pathetic and even dangerous creatures.

The hours you spent in their kennels, or at our cattery, gifted to them 10 hours of trust and healing; precious moments captured on video and in photographs which will keep showing people who have not experienced what you have, the truth about that most special of breeds: the rescue cat and dog.
From the staff and animals at TEARS, we thank you with full hearts!