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No problem! We have a number of TEARS teams we could include you in – just take your pick when signing up. We will not be placing all team members into the same kennels/enclosures, but will spread everyone out so you have space and your own cat or pooch. We’ll give you fundraising support by setting up a GivenGain activist page to help you make your sponsorships.

TEARS Teams (pick your favourite):

One Plus One (Because you believe that we can do so much more for animals together.)

Loyalty (You’ve done the sleepathon before and would like to do it again for animals.)

Adopt Don’t Shop (You’ve adopted a dog or cat from a shelter and you’d like to do it in their honour.)

Friends of TEARS Clinics (You know how important TEARS medical services are to animals across the peninsula, and you’d like to do the sleepathon for our community and mobile clinics.)

Crazy Cat Ladies (And Gents) Because that’s what you are – need we say more!

Are you up to the challenge of putting your empathy into practice at our TEARS Animal Rescue Sleepathon TEAM CHALLENGE 2017? Just you, your teammates and a rescue dog or cat in a shelter kennel for one night. Our aims are to: 

1. Raise funds to channel into the lives of the most desperate dogs and cats in the southern peninsula, and

2. Carry out an act of solidarity with all those dogs and cats who at this moment suffer illness, injury, neglect and violence, and who have found no relief yet.

We found this saying that sums up our sleepathon beautifully: “You don’t always need to walk in another’s shoes to know how they feel. Sometimes the best thing you could do is sit beside them.”

When and where is it?

You can pick either FRIDAY 24 or SATURDAY 25 MARCH 2017.

You will spend 10 hours in a kennel – from 21h00 to 07h00 – with toilet breaks of course! The event will be held at our Sunnydale headquarters (that’s just past Fish Hoek) and our Wenga Farm cattery (just up the road from HQ).

Our part

We take you through the process of registering your team and getting you started on your Sleepathon journey – we pride ourselves on an approach that is always hands-on and professional. In other words; we stay in touch through personal calls, emails and weekly mailers so by the time the event rolls around we’re firm friends.

We’ve set up a GivenGain campaign and we’ll create your very own activist page which means your efforts to bring in sponsorship for each of your team member’s kennel hours, is simple, centralised and has increased reach.

Our undertaking is to give our sleepathon brands and businesses extensive exposure across our sizeable supporter base using digital platforms as well as print and media exposure.

We have some fabulous prizes for our top fundraising teams!

We’ll match individuals with our dogs and cats on each night, and of course there will be a few creature comforts thrown in (porta-bathrooms, a sponsored meal, and delicious breakfast next morning, and you’ll be able to bring along your own folding chairs, blankets, sleeping bags, etc.). All in – it’s an amazing vibe!

Your part

Teams can represent a brand, business, practice, branch or book club – the sky’s the limit. If you don’t have a team but would still like to do the sleepathon, you can pick one of the TEARS teams to be part of (the selection is right at the top of this page).

Each team can choose  their team leader who will register their members – we will guide you through the quick and easy process. It really is a walk in the park.

Each team member raises sponsorship for the hours they will spend with our shelter dogs or cats in a kennel. So: R200 x 10 kennel hours = R2000 total sponsorship for each team member. Some sponsors will donate R10 while others contribute R1000; just as long as all your hour slots are filled, our dogs and cats are happy! We’ll help with that GivenGain campaign and encourage our sizeable supporter base to get behind their favourite team by contributing to their hours.

Your team, on the other hand, can challenge your business to match part or the total of their individual donations, challenge other companies in their industry, or ask their customers/clients to get behind their sleepathon. Think of all those fabulous posts – your brand engaging your customers or clients in a good cause!

Still not sure (really)?

We’re one of the country’s leading organisations in the rescue, rehabilitate and re-homing of domestic animals, as well as providing veterinary services and education to local communities. As a pro-quality-of-life, registered, non-profit organisation, we rely on caring individuals and businesses to help us do what we do best.

But don’t take our word for it. We dare you to do the sleepathon – meet our customers (they’re the cutest in the world!), lose your heart, love your colleagues and do good in the process.

If you’d like to chat before going ahead, you can contact:

Tracy (marketing manager):

Josh (cool marketing tech guy):

Speak soon!


A list of Frequently Asked Questions follows but if any of your questions have not been answered please email Tracy at or Josh at and we’d be happy to chat to you about the event.


1. How do overseas supporters sponsor me?

There are two ways that overseas supporters can sponsor your kennel stay. They can simply click on our donations page which allows them to pay via credit card with the quick and safe PayFast system.

Your GivenGail activist page – which we’ll set up for you – is an internationally recognised fundraising platform that allows supporters to sponsor your sleepathon hours from almost anywhere in the world!

Your sponsor could also do an electronic EFT payment using the swift code below:

Bank:  Standard Bank
Branch:  Fish Hoek
Branch Code:  036 009
Account Name:  TEARS
Account Number:  07 389 061 8

2. Do I need to find 10 people to sponsor R200 for each hour?

As long as you raise the full R2000, it doesn’t matter how many people sponsor you or how much they are able to give. Every cent helps. Certain sponsors will donate R10 while others contribute R1000; just as long as all your hour slots are filled, our dogs and cats are happy!

3.What reference should supporters use when they sponsor me?

For electronic transfers, please ask your sponsors to use the SLP-[your team name]. If you have sponsors who haven’t used this reference, please don’t worry. Simply bring along your proof of payment slips, attached to your fundraising form, and we’ll match them up.

4.How do I enter sponsors on my form?

Simply write each sponsor’s name on the form along with their contact details. It doesn’t matter which hour slot a sponsor fills; remembering that certain sponsors will fill more than one slot based on the value of their donation.


5. When does all my sponsorship money need to be in by?

All sponsorship money needs to be collected by the time you arrive on your night. If your sponsors have given you cash, you can pay this into TEARS’ account. All your proof of payment slips can be attached to your fundraising form which you’ll bring along on your night.

6. Can I bring my cash sponsorships with me on the night?

We think it would be safer if you transferred your cash sponsorships to our bank account via EFT then attached your proof of transfer to your fundraising form which you will bring with you on your night. If you can’t avoid bringing along cash sponsorships on the night, we will make arrangement for this.

kittysleep7.How do I transfer my sponsorships to TEARS?

There are three ways to make sure all your sponsorships make it through to our account:

1.  Cash – simply collect all the cash from your sponsors and deposit it directly into our account or do an EFT. Remember to attach your proof of deposit to your fundraising form which you will bring along with you on the night.

2.  PayFast – this is instant and secure. You or your sponsor can simply click on our donations page and follow the prompts. You will not be able to include a payment reference but we will match these payments up with your fundraising form after the event.

3.  PayPal – Perfect for international donors! You can click directly on the link below or from the one on our donate page.

4.  EFT – Our banking details are:

Bank:  Standard Bank

Branch:  Fish Hoek

Branch Code:  036 009

Account Name:  TEARS

Account Number:  07 389 061 8

Please remember to use the reference SLP-[your team name] when making payments:


8.How will kennels be allocated to sleepathoners?

Our TEARS behaviourist and kennel staff will make this important decision. So, for instance, families with children will be placed with our most calm, gentle and smaller dogs. Families and groups will be in larger enclosures, and couples or friends in double kennels. Our solo sleepathoners will be in single kennels. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to tell you beforehand which dog or cat you will be with, but we can guarantee that every single one of our cats and pooches is full of love and you’ll be smitten.

9. How much time am I required to spend in the kennel?

You will need to spend the entire 10 hours in the kennel – except for toilet breaks of course! Time flies when you’re having fun, so our kennel staff who spends loads of time in kennels, assure us that you’ll be sad to leave in the end.

10. Can I spend my sleepathon with cats instead of dogs?

Absolutely! We have a lovely cat facility further up the road and they would love the interaction and attention. Please let us know if you would prefer to be with the cats or if you have any friends who are interested. You’ll need to hurry because places are limited.

getty_rf_photo_of_woman_and_dog_sleeping11. Are people allowed to visit or support me during the night?

Once it’s lights out, we request that your guests go home and nobody else enters the premises after that.

  1. We will be closing our gates at 21:00 and will have armed guards posted throughout the night to make sure that our sleepathoners are safe and relaxed throughout their sleepathon experience.
  2. Visitors in and out all night would cause a great deal of disruption to our dogs as well as other sleepathoners. Our kennels are quite dark at night, and our main block is fronted by a narrow walkway would could lead to congestion or accidents if too many people arrive to visit or support sleepathoners.

We are hoping that to experience for one night what our dogs and cats live through night after night, will prove to be a truly meaningful experience so we would urge you – in order to keep the experience as authentic as possible – to use tools like Whatsapp and social media to interact with, and get support from; friends, family and sponsors during the night.


12.Items you can bring along:

Only you will know what items are likely to make your night as comfortable as possible, but we’ve put together a list of suggestions to get you started:

  • Camping roll/mattress (see details below)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Cushion
  • Folding chair
  • Warm and comfy clothes
  • Head lamp / reading light / torch
  • Book / magazines
  • Insect repellent
  • Flask (hot beverage) and water – we supply hot drinks and breakfast muffins in the morning
  • Snack – although we have a delicious meal dinner and breakfast snacks lined up for you
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste (unused airplane refreshment pouches would do the trick)
  • Lip balm and tissues

You’re also welcome to bring along doggie and kitty treats for your kennel mates, and they’re always partial to toys and blankets.

13.Can I bring a mattress to sleep on?

Please think ‘camping’ rather than ‘bedroom’ when deciding what to bring along to make your night more comfortable. A camping mattress, stretcher bed, chair, etc. will fit into our kennels as long as it isn’t wider than single bed size. Also please keep in mind that you will need to carry your equipment from your car to our shuttle that will bring you to TEARS’ headquarters, then from the shuttle to your kennel, so make carrying as easy as possible.


There will be secure parking made available for your vehicles, and there will also be guards on duty the entire night at the main gate. You can sleep and give cuddles with zero anxiety!


Please bring your cell phones along (although they will need to be on silent/vibrate mode once you’re in your kennel). We would love you to take videos and photographs of your experience and your gorgeous kennel companion – feline or canine that is! You will have access to free WiFi on the night so you can upload to social media in real-time. We will also have a special Sleepathoner page created on our website which will enable you to share your favourite sleepathon moments.

You can begin to share the love now right now – simply use this tag whenever you mention the Sleepathon on social media: #TEARSsleepathon


What are you waiting for?


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