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The winner of our the TEARS 2017 Christmas Cake Raffle is Jen Murphy who lives in Fish Hoek.

Jen says, “My sister and I initially wanted to donate some clothes to TEARS, whom we have supported for many years. Instead, we decided that we would sell the clothes and donate whatever money we made to TEARS. We had been at TEARS’ Valyland Bookshop when we bought the tickets for the Christmas cake raffle as our donation. TEARS does so much for animals so we wanted to give back and support them by donating. We just can’t thank them enough for doing what they do for animals and for hosting this raffle. The cake is absolutely amazing!”

Thank you, Jen, for supporting the TEARS Christmas Cake Raffle.

Special thanks to award-winning cake decorator, Grace Stevens, of Cupcakes by Design for creating our beautiful cake and to Fish Hoek Cake Decorators Guild for the generous donation of the cake for our raffle.

To each and every member of the public who bought a ticket to enter the raffle – on behalf of our dogs and cats: thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to make a difference!