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his is a strange story because it has very few facts but is about as real as it gets. It’s the story of Angel and Adam.

For several years now, a homeless man called Adam and his dog Angel have become a familiar sight around the southern peninsula areas of Sunnydale, Fish Hoek and Capri. We even featured the pair in our TEARS 2017 Calendar and our TEARS Best Moments 2016 video:

As Adam drives Angel around in his self-constructed trolley; through fields, deep sand and along the streets, their devotion to each other is evident from a mile away. The cart, which is all they own in the world, changes with the weeks. It might have a number plate and telephone strapped to its handles, several crates for their few belongings, a car seat, soft toys and plastic flowers. Recently, Adam fixed a bright garden umbrella to the cart and could be seen pushing Angel down the road as she sat like the Queen of Sheba in her crate in the shade of the big umbrella.

Unfortunately, there is a villain in this story.

A few weeks ago, a distraught Adam brought Angel into TEARS. She had been assaulted with a hammer and her eye damaged beyond repair. TEARS Vet, Dr Jennifer Stock, was an angel for Angel, whipped out the eye, and set her on the road to recovery before a joyful reunion with Adam.


You can follow Jennifer Stock’s Instagram feed which gives a fascinating look into the daily life of a welfare vet:

We have no idea where this pair come from or how they met. We suspect Adam sticks to the area so he can pop into TEARS for tick treatments for Angel who is in very good nick, or food and blankets.

At the heart of this story is how angels can sometimes have dirty faces and poop in inappropriate places. It is about recognizing the souls in our lives who make us feel safe, unjudged and comfy no matter how rough the patch or bad the weather. Those are our angels.