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Hill’s Pet Nutrition
Hill’s Pet Nutrition treated every dog and cat at TEARS to scrumptious Hill’s Stews on 30 September. #WEFEEDHILLS because it’s extra-specially nutritious, dogs and cats love it and we love our dogs and cats. Thank you Hill’s not only for a wonderful range of products, but for your out-sized hearts.

Cuppa Joe’s
Joe van Nieuwenhuizen of Cuppa Joe’s for treating our sleepathoners to an array of delicious, top-range coffees.

Anthea Dante
Thank you Anthea for donating the hire of a popcorn and candy floss makers for both nights of the sleepathon.

Pole Yard Noordhoek
Notice all those wonderful wooden arches, benches and trellises in our photographs? They belong to Pole Yard Noordhoek and were lent to us for the sleepathon. Thank you to Tyron Copeland and the wonderfully generous staff at Pole Yard Noordhoek, Noordhoek Garden Emporium, Main Road, Noordhoek, who helped us put on our prettiest face for an amazing event!

Paws 4 More
We take our hats off to Natasha and Sean of Paw 4 More – creators of healthy, tasty homemade treats for fur-kids using only the freshest ingredients that cater for a variety of dietary requirements; low fat/gluten free/allergy free. They laboured away before our Spring Fair to bring us freshly-made treats in those gorgeous bags that sold out halfway through the second night of the fair.

Message to the people who bought: if your fur-kid sighs dramatically as you rustle the empty bag to assure him or her that you’re not holding out on them, please visit Paws 4 More’s gorgeous website so you know how to satisfy your furry family member’s craving.

Pat Ross
Thank you to Pat Ross of Pat’s Cakes and Creations for supplying cupcakes for TEARS Spring Fair at costs – not only did they look pretty but they tasted exceptionally good!

Regal Pet Health
Janine Hood of Regal Pet Health handed out Regal Everyday Vitality liquid for dogs to all our sleepathoners during breakfast the next morning. Janine participated in the sleepathon with her husband, Mark Hood.

Livingstone Safaris
The lovely ladies of Livingstone Safaris popped around on Mandela Day to replant our rather tired green area with fresh new sods of grass. Just over two months later the grass had taken root, put on its best dress of green in time for TEARS Sleepathon Spring 2016 and our Spring Fair. Thank you Livingstone Safaris for soft grass beneath our dogs’ and puppies’ paws, not to mention the feet and bottoms of our wonderful sleepathoners.

David Bunting
On Saturday we welcomed David Bunting, who’s always had a soft spot for his acoustic; he eased us into the Sleepathon on Saturday – we think it’s very cool to have such a talented musician playing for our cause. The puppies loved his music too!

Huey Huey Band
The sweet sounds of acoustic, indie-rock band – Huey Huey, took us through from 19h00 to 20h00 on Saturday. The audience loved their sound and we applaud these wonderful musicians with serious talent and big heart.

Glen Hartmann
Indie folk/synth musician, Glen Hartmann, entertained us on the first night of TEARS Sleepathon Spring Fair. This accomplished musician thrilled our sleepathoners with his mellow, smooth sounds – thank you Glen and Kelly Jane!

Louise Kinrade
Louise sells her lovely fabric creations – from sewn dogs, bags and blankets at many of our events then hops in her car with the proceeds from her sales and heads for the supermarket to buy tins of always-needed dog and cat food which head straight for our dogs’ and cats’ bowls. Thank you Louise!

Dear Deer
Dear Deer supplied gorgeous luxury satin pillow sleeps to all the woman who took part in the sleepathon. Thank you Dear Deer and Chelle Lovatt for adding a little luxury to TEARS Sleepathon Spring 2016.

TEARS has three very special friends who, for the second time running, helped make our sleepathon a success.

Living Hope
Our sleepathoners were once again able to use the secure parking at the Living Hope Centre in Kommetjie Road. Thank you Avril Thomas and her staff – we are grateful for your support.

Mach1 Security
Thank you to Manu Chowdrie and his Mach1 Security team for taking care of security the second time around. This allowed our sleepathoners to relax and make the most of their experience.

Saveur Restaurant Group
Thank you to Rob and Sam de Wet, and the Saveur Restaurant Group, for providing each and every one of our sleepathoners with delicious salads to get their TEARS Sleepathon Spring 2016 off to a delicious start. We love your food and your good big heart!