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Not too often in life you get to be part of something that feels bigger than yourself and leaves you in no doubt that something you’ve done has made a difference to another’s life. That’s TEARS Sleepathon. Both our staff and participants felt this way.

Our sleepathoners raised desperately needed funds for us and gave generously of their time and affection. TEARS staff got to welcome participants into our world and share our work and our passion with you – all those wonderfully brave, forgiving and loving dogs and cats who shared their kennels with such joy on the nights of 30 September and 1 October.

The welcome-to-my-world one-of-a-kind experience left us all changed in some way, whether through insight gained, affection freely given and accepted without judgement, or greater respect for the strength and beautiful souls of shelter animals.

Here are some of the comments that have begun to pour in from the wonderful people who shared our world for a time…

Thank you to your entire team for the fabulous opportunity to be a part of the amazing experience that is the TEARS Sleepathon!

We spent the evening in Puppy7 on 1 October with Snowy and her seven dwarves 🙂 Absolutely beautiful! We slept outside and the air was fresh and cool (I was dressed exceptionally warmly, so I only felt the cool breeze on my fact and my hands). 

The mom and her puppies who seemed to be a Husky-mix, were more comfortable sleeping without covers even though it was cold.

I have added all our photo’s to Facebook with the #TEARSSleepathon to it, so you can see what it was like and add it to your album. I just couldn’t wait to get into the kennel with the dogs.

I have also added a 5* review on the TEARS FB page for you. I cried when I started going around to all the kennels and before waiting for my hubby to fetch me after the event. 

For the first time in my 35 years, I felt the most at home doing this Sleepathon – greeting and touching and “feeling” all the angels. Their eyes just say so much! – Lara Livesey

I would just like to thank TEARS for this most amaaaaazing opportunity to spend the night with a shelter pooch. What great fun I had! Elen is THE best snuggle buddy! Tazz was not really into all this cuddling business, but I gave him plenty of love anyway, LOL. Thank you for everything!! – Jeannie Collard

Thank you for having me. Left with a broken heart but loved every minute of it ❤ – Sharon Telo


TEARS Sleepathon Autumn 2017 will be held end March / early April next year. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about it, or watch our website and social media pages. We hope you’ll join us next time around!

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