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TEARS Sleepathon Spring 2016 gives individuals who feel compassion for shelter animals the opportunity to put their empathy into practice by spending a night in a kennel with a shelter dog or cat on either 30 September or 1 October at its Sunnydale headquarters.

Following the success of the TEARS Sleepathon earlier this year, TEARS Sleepathon Spring 2016 will be held on 30 September and 1 October, giving people a rare opportunity to spend the night in a kennel with a shelter dog or cat.

The aim of the sleepathon is to raise funds for needy dogs and cats in the southern peninsula and wider Western Cape, while carrying out an act of solidarity with animals who at this moment suffer illness, injury, neglect and violence, and who have found no relief yet.

Participants raise sponsorship for each of the 10 hours they spend in a kennel.

Gillian Keelty, who has signed up for her second sleepathon says of her first, “While having breakfast with those who had spent the night in a kennel with a doggie companion, the overriding comments were; “Can I do it again? When is the next sleepathon? It was fantastic!”

New to the event is the Spring Fair for sleepathon participants, their friends, family and sponsors, and pretty much anyone who would like to support the animal welfare cause. The fair will run from 18h00 to 21h00 each night when sleepathoners make their way to their kennels for the night.

SABC3’s Expresso breakfast show will cover the event on 30 September and those attending the Spring Fair can expect to be entertained by musicians, Glen Hartmann, David Bunting and the Huey Huey Band, while getting down to some good food and beverages. Fair staples like popcorn, candy floss and face painting will of course add to the atmosphere of this unique event. TEARS will also use the occasion to launch its colourful 2017 calendar along with their very own line of one-of-a-kind merchandise.

Saveur Restaurant will provide each sleepathoner with a meal while Hill’s Pet Nutrition will put on a special meal for TEARS’ dogs and cats from their range of delicious Hill’s Stews.