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If you’re looking for an affectionate, friendly and easy-going canine companion who will adore you, look no further than lovely Lucy! She’s a sweet and happy lass, with a gentle nature, big heart and the softest coat. Lucy was knocked over by a car and left for dead on the side of a road in Plumstead – she was in a lot of pain and feeling really sorry for herself! Thankfully, luck was on her side and she was brought to TEARS Animal Rescue for care and rehabilitation. With love and veterinary attention to help mend her fractured vertebra, Lucy flourished and the sparkle returned in her eyes. On leash, she’s a peach – friendly to all who pass. She meets every day with a floppy-eared smile and every human with love. This is one girl who will do anything for a back scratch and belly rub, and she gives little kisses in return. She loves to lounge in the sun and to snuggle up at your feet to watch a good movie. Lucy is ready to audition for the part of your best buddy and to win her way into your heart. Could you show her what second chances are all about?