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Affection Level: Snuggle Champion! Mila’s out to prove that dynamite comes in small packages; she’s a little diva who adores being the centre of attention and the talk of the town. A bubbly mix of doting soul mate and feisty spirit with a splash of independent flare, Mila is a fun-loving, affectionate and responsive girl. She especially enjoys the company of children and would be a superb best friend to a young family. Mila likes to be in charge of her four-legged, furry stooges and for them to know she’s the queen bee – she prefers to have a male canine companion, as she doesn’t have time for the willy-nilly politics that are all too often involved with girls. She’s an A+ student at doggie school and longs for a family that understands how to have fun and not get too caught up in the rat race. Mila’s made a few feline friends, so could adjust to sharing a home with a dog-savvy cat. If you’re looking for a friend to accompany you on life’s adventures, then Mila’s your girl – she’s sure to wiggle, wag and leap right into your heart!