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Farrah’s a real cutie who is all wiggles and wags and is patiently waiting to start a life of fun and adventure with you! She could either be totally attentive or daydreaming – who can tell by those ears? Farrah’s mission went a little haywire when she was mowed down by a car in a nearby low-income community. After a phone call to mission control, Charlie called upon the assistance of TEARS Animal Rescue. Poor Farrah sustained a fracture leg, but thankfully she received the veterinary attention she needed and lived to tell the tale. Life’s one big adventure for this aspiring beach babe, and she can’t wait to share it with someone special. Farrah is a bubbly, outgoing and cheerful lass who gets on well with other dogs and she’s even made a few feline friends, so could adjust to sharing a home with a dog-savvy cat. True to her namesake, she’s ready to save your world – Farrah would love to be one of your Angels.