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Welcome to The Biggest Loser: Canine edition! Weighing in at a whopping 50,7kg when he was returned to TEARS Animal Rescue, Alfred is on a mission to regain his handsome hunk figure and optimal weight of 35kg – and he’s well on the way to achieve his goal! Alfred was originally rescued as an emaciated stray from Retreat back in 2014 (weighing a meagre 18kg), rehabilitated and adopted, but his family could no longer keep him as they had to relocate and could not take him with. Alfred indulged a little too much while living with his previous family and put on a considerable amount of weight – which was beginning to cause severe strain on his heart and joints. Enter Doggie Fat Camp! With the help of a controlled, low-calorie diet and exercise, Alfred is slimming down and reuniting with his fitter, healthier self. This is one guy who will do anything for a back scratch and belly rub! Alfred’s a comical clown who enjoys entertaining you with his playful antics, going for walks and playing with his two-legged and canine friends. He’s lived with felines and older children, so wouldn’t mind sharing a family with cats and kids. If you’ve got a soft spot for gentle giants, please consider letting Alfred melt your heart.