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Cowboy is a handsome buckaroo, who hasn’t had the greatest start or best luck in life. This sharp shooting outlaw was knocking on death’s door with an advanced biliary infection when found collapsed, abandoned on the side of Baden Powell Drive. Cowboy’s been living as a bit of a lone ranger and is a guy who likes to take things slow. It takes time for him to form relationships with people and to give his trust, but when you’re friends you’ll find him irresistible! He lights up when he sees people he knows and loves reaching up to give you a friendly, howdy-do lick. Always drinking upstream from the herd, he’s a bit of a hit or miss around other dogs and we’re working on his doggie skills so he can make a few canine friends. While Cowboy is not yet ready for the whole kit and caboodle of adoption, he’d love for you to sponsor him!