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From the land of rolling emerald hills, we have a fun day on the annual calendar filled with laughter, green beer and game night. Because the day is known for its celebratory cheer, we couldn’t resist adding some smiles with a few Irish hounds. We wrap up with a selection of TEARS dogs, available for adoption, who we’re sure have a little Irish in them.

Irish Wolfhound

This friendly, intelligent and affectionate breed came to Ireland over 5000 years ago. In fact, it is likely the oldest Irish dog breed. Originally bred for the battlefield, they made exceptional hunting dogs. They are the tallest of all dog breeds with adult males reaching up to 34 inches at the shoulder. These gentle souls unfortunately tend to have a short lifespan of around seven years, but you will search long and hard to find a more loyal companion.  

Irish Setter

Irish Setters are known as the most affectionate breed in the world. However, along with this comes the need for loads of attention. If you don’t devote plenty of time to them, they can become mournful and a little destructive. They also need quite a bit of exercise, but with a dedicated guardian these loveable souls will take over your entire heart. 

Kerry Blue Terrier

Steeped in history, the Kerry Blue emerged in the early 1700s in the Kerry County of Ireland. One legend tells the story of a Russian ship wrecked at Kerry’s Tralee Bay; aboard that vessel was a beautiful and exotic blue-coated dog. This brave sea-faring canine soon made his way through the female Wheaten Terrier crowd and the result was a new breed of fine dogs. 

Irish Water Spaniel

Much like its name suggests, this curly-haired pooch adores water. They are high achievers in this regard and were often used for hunting ducks. Their coat is waterproof and their thin rat-like tail adds to their streamlined swimming ability.

Irish Terrier

These are the action heroes of the Celtic canine world. They need a ton of physical activity and are lean, powerful and strong. They love agility and sporting events that challenge their athletic skill. These are tough-minded breeds so they need a guardian who can stand their ground, but once they know who is in charge, they are lively and devoted companions.

 Wheaten Terrier

Playful and full of life, these bouncy dogs are exceptionally obedient. Guardians need to be careful of hot weather, however, because they are known to overheat easily. They are given the affectionate nickname of “wheaties,” and are the most popular Irish breed in America thanks to their loving natures.

 Glen of Imaal Terrier

When some Dachshund-blended dogs visited Wicklow County, they made firm pals with local Irish terrier types. The cute puppies that resulted are the Glen of Imaal Terriers. They were keen and exceptional vermin hunters, and to this day are confident and brawny – keep this prey drive in mind if you have other small pets. They tend to live long lives – some well over 15 years – so they make lovely long-term family members.

Irish Lurcher

This is a breed with keen eyesight and will certainly keep an eye out for you. They hail from the early 14th century and were effective hunter companions. Now they are simply guardian-loving best friends who will never take their eyes off you.

Irish Toy Collie

Known to be sweet and incredibly intelligent, this affectionate breed is a firm favourite. “Collie” was a term used by the Celts when referring to “useful” dogs. So if you think of the rough collie (just like Lassie), you will have a good idea of this dog’s nature. 



Our closest relation is definitely Jamie. He would give any Irish Terrier a run for his money!

Our closest relation is definitely Jamie. He would give any Irish Terrier a run for his money!

TEARS dogs we’re sure have a little Irish in them – and they looking for forever homes:

Competitor for the Glen of Imaal and Wheatie titles


Joey (we also pick up some Irish Terrier in this boy!)


Emeli – a darker version of her fellow Imaal look-alikes


Competitors for the Glen of Imaal and Wheatie title

Obanna Lolly

Doesn’t your home need some good Irish canine cheer?
Happy St Patrick’s Day!