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CAT-Food-tinBelieve it or not, 3 March is World “What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs” Day. Thomas Roy and his wife, Ruth, are the founders of more than 90 legitimate, albeit quirky, holidays. More than anything their aim was to create some fun and bring a smile to our faces. We hope that this article does the same for you!

Having opposable digits is something us humans often take for granted. They have helped us develop fine motor skills and superior hand-eye coordination. If you could imagine our already fast, laser-focussed, skilled stalker pets with this additional evolutionary perk, you can only imagine how they would rule our homes (even more than they already do!).

Opposable-Thumbs-DayHere are some things we’re pretty sure they would get up to:

  1. They would certainly open their own cans and bags of food.
  2. The escape plan will no longer be mission impossible!
  3. Cats have those mischievous natures that would mean coming home to some booby traps and feline giggles around the corner.
  4. Pets could arm-wrestle us to override our request to our dogs to pick up their own mess in the garden and cats to clean their own litter trays. I think we would lose…
  5. We would get even more affection. Lots of hand-holding, closer hugs, clingy cuddles and cute little waves as we walked out the door. I have a feeling we would also sometimes return home to a heartfelt gift, nicely wrapped on our pillows.

These are just a few ideas we came up with. Please share your own in the comments below so that we can all have a good laugh!