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Van 1Recently, a dedicated TEARS supporter, and cat lover, made a generous donation towards purchasing a van for our Feral Cat Project. So often it is the private vehicles of our feral cat project volunteers that are used to transport cats from their colonies to our clinic and back again. Having a vehicle dedicated to the project will make an enormous difference in the number of cats that can be safely transported for treatment and sterilisation.

Van 2Although this friend of TEARS would like to remain anonymous we extend our grateful thanks for being a true angel to so many cats who would otherwise be at the mercy of fate, starvation, injury and cruelty.

Thank you!

Since TEARS Feral Cat Project is no ordinary programme, this shiny new van deserved some special treatment of its own.

TEARS Animal Care Manager, Luke Kruyt, designed the graphics for the van and the generosity of another friend of TEARS – Graphic Laminates – brought Luke’s designs to life. The branding of TEARS vehicles is far more than pretty pictures.

Van4When TEARS wades into the middle of volatile situations to uplift or treat an animal, our official signage can stop a crowd from turning on our staff. It also means that the more visible we are, the more likely we are to be flagged down by a person concerned about acts of cruelty perpetrated against animals or for help with their own injured or sick dog or cat.

Graphic Laminates based in Maitland and owned by Garth and Trish Richards, has over the years helped us to keep visible and to stay safe. We thank them for their service to our staff and the animals we treat. The wonderful job done on our van was overseen by Kobus Aucamp who runs Graphic Laminates’ satellite operation in Westlake.

We think there probably isn’t a cat van anywhere in the world that is cooler.