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TEARS’ Community Veterinary Hospital has a proud history of providing animal medical services to low-income households (those with a household income of less than R12,000 per month quality), as well as sterilising and treating animals brought to us as a result of various outreach projects.

clinic staffOur hospital is staffed by one full-time veterinarian and four veterinary assistants who focus on sterilisation, but are able to treated most injuries and illnesses.

One of the core aims of the clinic is to control the unwanted births of dogs and cats in low-income areas, and sterilisation of all treated animals is mandatory. Sterilisation drives, including door-to-door canvassing, have resulted in fewer unwanted puppies and kittens in our regularly serviced areas.

Taking our health services to the streets

TEARS mobile clinic h-rOur clinic staff operate two Mobile Clinic vans that, on a pre-arranged schedule, serve the low-income areas of Vrygrond, Ocean View, Mountain View, Redhill, Westlake and Masiphumelele. They offer primary healthcare for animals in these communities, as well as free sterilisations, which is carried out at our hospital. Animals to be sterilised, or those who need further care, are transported to our on-site hospital for veterinary attention.

TEARS Mobile Clinic schedule:

  • Monday:10 to 10:30 in Ocean View next to the Civic Centre
  • Monday:10:40 to 11 in Ocean View, Lapland (next to Jehovah’s Witness Hall)
  • Monday:2 to 2:30 in Vrygrond, Overcome Heights (next to church)
  • Wednesday:10 to 10:30 in Ocean View, Jupiter Road (next to Graveyard)
  • Wednesday:10:40 to 11 in Ocean View, Mountain View Entrance
  • Friday:2 to 2:20 in Vrygrond, Corner Liberty/Berg Road (next to taxi rank)
  • Friday:2:20 to 2:50 in Vrygrond, Overcome Heights (next to church)
  • Sunday:10 to 11 in Masiphumelele, Pokela Road (next to the clinic)
  • Sunday:11:30 to 12:30 in Ocean View, next to the Civic Centre