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Michelle with Zara on one of their many outings

Michelle with Zara on one of their many outings

The staff and volunteers of TEARS Animal Rescue are deeply saddened by the sudden death of Michelle Taal in the early hours of Saturday morning, 30 January.

Taal 2

Michelle a dedicated TEARS volunteer

Michelle was a volunteer out our Sunnydale kennels. She was known for her dedication and compassion to our dogs and rarely missed an opportunity to set out with a grateful charge on a walk, beach outing or to one of our Saved by The Dogs events.

Michelle’s sister, Jeanne-Marie, has told us that the times Michelle spent at TEARS were the highlight of her week and she always treasured her time with the dogs and fellow volunteers.

We will assist Michelle’s family to rehome her cats who were like children to Michelle.

Our heartfelt condolences to her family: her parents Maarten and Willy Taal; her sister, Jeanne-Marie, and brothers, Maarten and Roberts.

She will be deeply missed by TEARS staff and volunteers. Our kennels will be an emptier place without her special energy and compassion.