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snakeWhile our prime focus is the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of domestic animals, we are also called upon to help “on the wild side”, providing a different and exciting dimension to our rescue work.  Other creatures we rescue include snakes, otters, porcupines, buck, genets, sea birds, owls and various other terrestrial birds.

So, when the call came through to capture a snake in Sun Valley, we were ready to respond.  In fact, we were in the area and arrived at the home within two minutes.  Not a bad response time!  Jason and Myra were most concerned, as they have numerous pets and the large snake was basking in the sun in their courtyard, outside the back door.

Fortunately, the snake was not venomous, although it was an irate, 2 metre mole snake, which took exception to having its afternoon sunbathing session disturbed.  It was quickly captured and safely secured in a drum, much to the relief of Jason.  After taking photos, we released the snake in the dunes, below the sports fields in Fish Hoek and hope that it will be happy in its new, safe environment.

We thank Jason and Myra for not killing the snake, but adopting a “LEAD SA” attitude, by finding someone to re-locate the reptile.  Well done!  We appeal to everyone to not kill these beautiful creatures, but rather call a snake capturer to remove the snake.   Numbers you can call are:

SPCA  Wildlife Unit          –             0833261610
TEARS – Marilyn Hoole   –             0836516343

If you would like to know more about snakes, I encourage you to visit the Cape Snake Conservation website –