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Grysbok, rescued Black Hill and delivered to my home 004 (1)Late one Friday evening, around 11pm, I received a call from an acquaintance, Jonathan. In order to bring in extra income, Jonathan used to deliver pizzas for a local pizza company. He had delivered a pizza to Glencairn and was travelling back, over Black Hill, when he noticed a taxi on the side of the road, with the occupants standing outside the vehicle, staring at something.

It was very dark, but, by the light from his motor bike, he noticed that it was a little bokkie. Jonathan immediately thought that it had been hit by a car, as the bokkie lay, motionless. The occupants of the taxi were considering taking the bokkie with them, but Jonathan was having nothing of it, so he grabbed the bokkie, placed in in the pizza box on the back of his motorbike and rode off in great haste.

He knew that I would help, so he stopped alongside the road, on the way up Ou Kaapse Weg and phoned me. Ten minutes later he arrived at my home, opened up the pizza box and there was the most beautiful male Cape Grysbok, looking up at me. I knew from past experience that buck must be handled as little as possible, as they can die so easily from shock, so we lifted him from the pizza box and put him straight into a travel box which I had prepared, in the back of the TEARS vehicle.

There he stayed for the rest of the night and the next morning I phoned Megan Reid from the Wildlife Unit at the SPCA. She said that I was welcome to deliver the Grysbok to the SPCA and they would care for him until he was ready to be released. This I duly did and a week later I was at the SPCA for a meeting and went to visit the bokkie. Much to my delight, he was doing so well and a few days later Megan released him back into his habitat on Black Hill.

A combined effort had ensured the survival of this Cape Grysbok, whose species faces so many threats.

Marilyn Hoole