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Cats playing musicBarbara George
Cat Behaviourist

We give our cats gifts; in return they give us many gifts! 

Our cats give companionship and loyalty, even if it is sometimes at a distance! They appreciate and accept who we are, disregarding our appearance, size, colour, religion, language and the size of our home. Cats listen to us as we tell them our hopes, dreams and problems without offering advice, solutions or criticism.

They make us smile with their antics, attitude and confidence. What better way to relax than spending time with your cat? They give us a show of beauty and grace in motion, and total contentment in sleep. 

Cats remind us of the good qualities we already possess; loyalty, forgiveness, independence, the ability to learn and adapt to our circumstances. Cats are masters of patience and focus, which many of us should learn! They know our limitations yet ask us to extend our boundaries to learn more, go further, to be better people, to live and love unconditionally. Cats are kind and gentle but equally capable of teaching us when we ask too much of them. 

bengal-kittenThey teach us the important lessons in life; they live for the moment, what is done is done. While there may be a lesson to be learnt from their actions, there are seldom regrets. Cats don’t do revenge, what-if or if-only. What is done is done, they deal with the outcome and move on. They analyse situations and make a plan to achieve their objective; if the first plan doesn’t succeed they look for alternatives. Cats rarely give up on something they really want to do. 

They remind us of the beauty in everything around us. Every item they come into contact with is investigated for potential value, fun, food or learning. Small things, such as leaves or a piece of string, bring as much joy as big expensive toys.

They give us a reason for getting up each day, for going out to work, for coming home to a friend. Cats may request food, shelter and comfort but they will accept what you offer. 

They show their feelings for us in their body language and voice, subtle but full of meaning. While some cats do bring physical gifts of prey, toys, flowers or leaves, they all give us a sense of caring for an important being.