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Pet advice Heron Park Collar injury Dr  Ledger (8)This photo illustrates what could happen if you collar your cat with a non-stretch, buckle collar. Over the years, we have come across numerous instances, where cats have sustained horrific injury, because somehow, they managed to get their paw and then their leg through the collar, which they were wearing. The collar then re-positioned, partly around the neck and under the top of the leg. The poor cat lives like this, until rescued.

In this instance, Minnie was a domestic pet, who must have somehow become lost and reverted to a semi-feral state. As she was unsterilised, she became pregnant and produced a litter of kittens, having to fend for herself in this compromised state. It says so much about the resilience of animals – how Minnie survived with this terrible encumbrance is nothing short of amazing, as the collar had cut deep into her flesh and the wound was severely infected.

Also, many cats have literally hung themselves when wearing rigid collars, as there is no way out, once they become hooked onto an object, when the collar does not give.

We always advocate that owners only use the Rogz self-releasing collars, which will pull apart, should a cat become restricted by the collar in any way.